Inspection & Marine Surveying Services:

Liquid Bulk Cargo Survey:
We provide a full range of inspection services covering all the loading / unloading operations of liquid bulk cargoes, including: 

Inspection shore tanks and facility system, pipelines, pumps, others.
        Inspection vessel tanks and identification of last previous cargo.
        Vessel tanks measurements, sampling and sample analysis.
        Shore tanks measurement cargo unloaded, sampling and sample analysis.
        Cargo sampling and analysis.
        Static and flow measuring of the cargo.
        Full time supervision to the loading/unloading operations.
        Daily progress inspection report.
        Daily time stamped digit photos of loading operations.
        Draft survey certificate.
        Certificates of analysis.
        Quality inspection certificate.
        Quantity inspection certificate.

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General / Dry Cargo Survey:
The scope of this inspection service covers a wide range of products and the experience of our personnel assures our Client that the quality and quantity of the goods to be shipped are exactly those he expects to receive. Our General Cargo Inspection Service may include:

        Verification of the container to ascertain that's is clean, dry, free from foreign matters, odorless, in 
      general good mechanical conditions.
        Identification of the items by corresponding marked code/serial number.
        Item count and quantity verification.
        Verification of the packaging, labeling, shipping marks, traceability marks.
        Witness to production and tests.
�      Sampling and samples preparation in conformity with Client's requirements or International 
      Standards and couriering of the same to the designated  addresses.
        Record tally during the stuffing and evidence of any damage during the stuffing.
        Sealing of the container with Galileo Inspectorate seals.
        Documents related to the container.
        Daily time stamped digit photos taken during the whole duration of our service.
        Daily inspection reports.
        Certificate of analysis.
        Quality inspection certificate.
        Quantity inspection certificate and Reporting.
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Break Bulk Cargo Survey:
Packaged but non-containerized cargo. Loose cement, grains, ores, etc., are termed bulk cargo, whereas cargo shipped as a unit (bags, bales, barrels, boxes, cartons, drums, pallets, sacks, vehicles, etc.) is termed break bulk. Our break bulk survey covers the follows :-

        Inspection of cargo condition and tally of goods pre-shipment and pre-discharge.
        Hold inspection for cargo suitability and water tightness before loading.
        Inspection of cargo stowage and lashing after loading and before discharge.
        Damage goods investigation to determine the extent and cause of damage.

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Vessels On Hire, Off Hire and Pre-Charter Condition Survey :
The purpose of these surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of charter. Whilst the determination of damage is the principle purpose of the two requisite reports, one being at the "on hire" survey and the other at the "off hire" survey, there are often three other requirements. These are :

        Complete hull and machinery inspection.
         Validity inspection of certificates and cargo gears.
         Inspections of cargo holds / tanks condition.
Determination of bunkers and stores.

Our Marine surveyors are either technical educated surveyors or ex-mariners of various ranks and have the necessary knowledge about ship to offer a service that will meet with the most demanding clients' expectation.

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Contaniers & Cargo Survey :
Containers have been one of the largest and fastest growing cargo transportation modes in many of the ports worldwide. These containers carry anything from equipment and machinery parts to children's toys and clothing to perishable goods. Due to this increase in the market for containers there is a greater need of reliable inspections.

Determining the container suitability for cargo can greatly reduce the risk of liability for exporters / importers and as well as insurance underwriters.

We offers a variety of inspection services for shipping and container services including but not limited to the following:
        Visual inspection of cargo prior to crating / packaging.
        Verification of quantity / quality conformity to contractual documents.
        Inspections of packaging and crating integrity for safe transportation of cargo.
        Visual inspection of general appearance and conformity to contractual specification.
        Verification of weights, volumes and quantities.
        Verification of shipping mark of cargo crates / packages and containers.
        Witness / supervise the loading of crates / packages into containers.
        Witness / supervise proper cargo securing in container to ensure safe transportation.
        Witness / supervise unloading of cargo to ensure cargo receipt in sound condition.
        Damage investigation of cargo and container for loss assessment and mitigation.
        Condition survey of all types of containers under the supervision of IICL expert surveyors.
        Fitness Survey of Containers at the time of Stuffing.
            Stuffing and De-Stuffing of Cargo of all types.
        Loading/Discharging supervision of all types of Containers (container condition &Seal Inspection).
        Supervision of stuffing/De-Stuffing of Reefer Cargoes.
        Cargo Measurement Surveys to ascertain CBM volume.
        Protection & Indemnity Surveys.
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Bulk Grain Superintendence and Survey:
We ensure you�re represented adequately and receive accurate and fast updates as well as speedy delivery of services prior to, during and after loading.

We provide load port supervision, draft survey, hold inspections, hatch sealing, sample collection and dispatch, as well as regular updates prior to and during loading and in-house analysis. Shipment reporting, as well as quality and weight certification, can also be provided if required.

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Lab Testing & Analysis:
To ensure the best reliability of the results, we rely on laboratories such as Industrial Analytical Centre, Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Institute, Qualitest Laboratories Service (Private) Limited and Paramount Testing Laboratory.

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