We hold valid licenses for MARINE / FIRE / MOTOR / MISC & MACHINERY ERECTION and BREAKDOWN classes of surveys issued by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan and we are also ISO - 9001: 2008 certified by CISQ.

We have successfully carried out various survey / inspection assignments on behalf of several shipping, Insurance Companies and Private Clients respectively. With respect to Insurance companies we have conducted various surveys under each category along with which we have also done survey / inspection for Agricultural Product, Food Grains,Dry / Liquid bulk cargos specially Edible Oils, Petroleum, and Chemical products such as Crude Oils, Furnace Oils, Naphtha, Lube Oil, Gas Oil as well as Tallow and Fats etc. Also carried out loading / unloading supervision and survey of general cargos as Wheat, Sugar, Ureaetc.

Our firm has a vast experience in handling liquid bulk cargoes of all types from the stage of loading / discharge into shore tanks as well as we have surveyed liquid products which arrived here in drums and also drew samples for quality purposes.

We have adequate and duly skilled/qualified staff to supervise and carry out all sorts of assignments that are based on survey / inspection / valuation / loss assessment / settlement of Insurance Claims for all classes and carrying liquid bulk and dry cargo superintendence with sampling for custom/quality purposes, determination of weight & round the clock supervision of discharge and issuance of notices on your behalf to the carriers and receivers for any discrepancy to safeguard your interest.

ASPL is a service oriented Organization & in order to provide prompt, efficient & highly professional services to our Clients, our various Departments, each headed by an Executive Surveyor, supported by team of experienced field Surveyors / Inspectors, who are expert enough & capable to handle all types of problems, surveys & inspections on behalf of Clients to mitigate the loss and damage & to protect the interest of our Clients.

Our higher purpose is to make a positive difference for those we touch, provide a quality work experience for our associates and assist our team in their journey of success and significance.

To provide unparalleled service to our clients through professional inspiration, and superior work, while developing an environment for learning, building relationships, and keeping a leading reputation for quality and integrity through the implementation of G.R.I.P. for our teams, clients, and staff.

•    G-GROWTH-Professional, Personal, and Educational
•    R-REPUTATION-Quality and Dependability
•    I-INTEGRITY & INSPIRATION-To Our Clients, Family, and Peers
•    P-PROACTIVE COMMUNICATION-Listening While Truly Hearing with an Open Mind and Understanding
      while asking the right questions.
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